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The Power Of Emojis 😊

Emojis help subject lines 👍

How do you get your subscribers to open your messages?

Our whole newsletter is obviously email-based, so we at Eats Index know the challenges associated with getting messages to subscribers and keeping them engaged.

We can’t really explain it, but putting emojis in subject lines definitely increases open rates. Researchers and number crunchers back that intuition up: they’ve found that emojis in email subject lines result in a 56 percent higher open rate than regular old text subject lines.

Researchers have gone a step further and determined which emojis lead to higher open rates: the smiley face, the kissy face, the heart, etc. We’re not going to dive into that level of detail here – all you need to know is that emojis are effective in increasing open rates.

Relevancy of the emoji may play a role here. As a somewhat self-evident example, if you are sharing a holiday recipe, a Christmas tree emoji would be appropriate in your subject line.

Food bloggers kind of get an easy pass in this category, because there’s an emoji for over 100 different food items — and on the off chance that there isn’t an emoji that fits your dish exactly, you can always play it safe with the “licking lips” emoji, or the empty dinner plate.

Oh, one other thing worth mentioning: researchers found that emojis in subject lines also increased response rate. That is, emailers who used emojis in their subject lines got more people responding to them. This just underscores that emojis increase engagement across the board.

Keep in mind that some browsers your subscribers use won’t support all emojis. (Internet Explorer, we’re looking at you).

A good rule of thumb is to use more common emojis rather than exotic ones.

And from the Extremely Obvious Department: you should absolutely test emojis in subject lines, so that you achieve the success you’re looking for, and don’t send a subject line that looks like a bunch of techno gobbledy gook.

If you don’t use emojis in your subject lines, you should give them a shot! 👏

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