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Rosé Raspberries (Quick Bite)

We’re a little out of season on this one, we admit it. But we came across this news recently, and we’re marking our calendars for next year…

Driscoll’s – a large, California-based grower of berries – introduced rosé raspberries and strawberries this past year.

The berries are entirely fresh produce – no alcohol has been added whatsoever. But the berries were developed to emulate the sweet and floral notes of rosé wine.

These make us think of another interesting development we’ve tried in the past: cotton candy grapes, which are simultaneously weird and delightful.

As we said, we’re a little late now – the berries’ season has already come and gone. As we look forward to next year, though, we are making a point to try this special produce item. These berries sound exciting – and sampling a bunch is on our summer 2020 bucket list!

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