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Pinterest Predicts

     At-Home Bars Will Be Big in 2020


Pinterest released their end-of-year forecasts, based on people’s activity on the platform. Foremost among their predictions are at-home bars. Pinterest reports massive spikes in searches for “outside kitchen bars.”

“Home coffee stations” are also up big on Pinterest.

These things don’t need much further explanation. Both are areas where people can create food and drink in their homes.

What this means for food bloggers. If these trends continue into 2020, it’d be great news for food bloggers. This report means that people are excited to entertain at home next year. These items may emphasize beverages, but when people host gatherings, they’ll need food, too, of course.

In addition to writing recipes and posts that work well for small parties, you could also come up with dishes that complement the beverage bar experience. We’re thinking small plates – like tapas – and finger foods will work well. Snacks on skewers – like this and this – would undoubtedly go over well.

     Some other Pinterest trends worth noting – and that you could capitalize on…


“Homemade baby foods” – up by 375%
“Macedonian food” – up by 500%
“Arabic treats” – up by 400%
“West African food” – by 300%

A final note: searches for “dog-safe cake recipe” are up over 150%. What’s the story with that? We mean that quite literally: we want to hear stories about people making cakes that they can share with family, friends, and pets.

Well, we’re going to investigate – and will be reporting more on this in 2020.

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