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Pass The Pavlova Platter Please

Cheese boards have been quite the rage for a few years now – and that’s okay with us.

These platters offer a variety of finger foods that are exciting and tasty: cheeses, meats, olives, breads, spreads, etc. These platters are excellent for parties and for sharing.

They’re also great for photos on Instagram and food blogs. Dennis the Prescott has taken some of our favorite cheese board shots.

The Daily Mail reports that pavlova boards have become quite popular in Australia this year.

You know pavlovas: they’re baked meringue with a smooth, crisp surface. They’re light inside, not too sweet, and typically topped with fruit and cream.

The concept of pavlova boards was developed by Canberra-based baker Shalini Nestor, owner of the Swish Biscuit confection shop.

The idea is so popular that Swish Biscuits is now selling an ebook with pavlova recipes and serving suggestions.

What this means for food bloggers:   What other platter-type dishes can you think of? We hadn’t seen a pavlova board coming, but now that it exists, it kind of makes sense.

What other twists on a platter can you come up with? Really the only requirement is that the items be finger foods and shareable. Mini-muffin boards, anyone? Middle Eastern-inspired falafel boards?

Alternately, how could you put your own spin on cheese or pavlova boards?

And when you come up with some good ideas, could you please invite the Eats Index staff over to taste test??

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