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Delivered for Dinner

    An In-Depth Report

DoorDash is the number one food delivery service in the United States. It just released a report showing the most ordered food items — and we can also see some trends for 2020 in what they’ve shared.

Here are some highlights for you:

➡️  While fast food is popular, the report shows that of the top 15 most-ordered foods, three are salads. It shouldn’t be a surprise that healthy options are still very much on trend.

➡️  Mexican and Tex-Mex fare are up big — and are indeed the most popular food DoorDash delivers.

How can you benefit from this information?   Well, obviously Mexican foods are beloved — but the report shows that even Mexican-inspired dishes are popular, such as taco salad.

This is certainly an invitation to food bloggers to include more dishes and flavors from down Mexico way. This idea could extend, obviously, to any country in Central America. Further, foods that are not from that region, but have the characteristics of it, could work well for you. Think dishes that include rice or beans — or that have a little spicy kick.

Mexican food also features something scientists call dynamic contrast. That is, there are both soft and crunchy parts in the same dish — for example, rice, beans, and cheese are soft, and taco shells are crunchy.

As an example, this creamy, crunchy polenta by Leanne Brown definitely has a lot of dynamic contrast.

So does crème brûlée (such as this recipe from Kevin is Cooking.)

To take advantage of this information, you don’t need to put a Mexican spin on your dishes. But it may behoove you to think about interesting contrasts you could provide.

➡️  People order fast food from Door Dash, not just because it is convenient, but because they like fast food. Many bloggers have had a lot of success sharing their own versions of restaurant fare.

A perfect example from the aptly named Copykat Recipes blog. Its Red Robin Onion Rings keep getting mouths watering here at the Eats Index office.

Also check out the Copycat Chipotle Barbacoa Recipe from Mommy Musings. Just looking at that post has become something of a guilty pleasure around here. As soon as Thanksgiving leftovers are finished, we’re giving it a try!

One final example: Lisa at Snappy Gourmet shares a homemade Chick-fil-A sandwich copycat recipe. You know that anything inspired by Chick-fil-A is going to be worth the eating!

How you can benefit from this information:   You don’t have to create copycat versions of fast food offerings, but by bearing in mind fast food’s popularity, you can write recipes that match people’s tastes.

For instance, french fries are a quintessential fast food. We are intrigued by this recipe for daikon fries, from Cooking on the Weekends. These fries are fun and interesting — and even more exciting than “regular” french fries.

As another example, tacos are massively popular. Well, how about Greek-inspired fish tacos? This recipe from Gina at fulfills people’s desire for tacos, but is also unique, creative, and memorable.

➡️  Another trend is customization. That is, people don’t just order entrees via DoorDash. Instead, they like to tweak the dishes with their own choices and preferences. Sushi and pizza are prime examples.

How you can benefit from this information:   Most food blogs share recipes for very specific dishes, of course. But you could offer suggestions on how a meal could be customized, not by the home cook, but by the diners. Your posts could include ideas on what toppings could be served at the meal to help the home cook’s diners customize the food. That could make for a more pleasurable, satisfying experience across the board.

As an example, Love and Lemons suggests topping options for her Berry Superfood Smoothie Bowl, which is just right for this type of dish.

Live Love Yummy shares how to make a burger platter — a great, fun idea for entertaining.

Similarly, Jessica at Good Cheap Eats has a build-your-own nacho bar. Honestly, who in their right mind would turn down an invitation to an event featuring a build-your-own nacho bar?!

You get the idea. Offering diners options is just going to be well-received!

Key Takeaway:   The DoorDash report indicates that delivery is the number one most popular meal option. It is the choice of 66% of people in the study. That is pretty significant!

The good news for food bloggers is that the second most popular option is cooking one’s own meal at home.

Third and fourth most popular options are picking up food and dining at a restaurant respectively.

While the DoorDash report shows that people like to have their meals brought to them, they still cook at home — and food blogs are as relevant and needed as ever.

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